The Upendo Foundation reaches out to the larger community through affiliate groups of widows, women, farmers and youth groups among other similar vulnerable groups of people living with HIV/AIDS and disability. Through the Beula Women group way back in the year 2008, the child headed Adidi family of 5 siblings Bernard, Benter, Kevin, Dominic and Moses were introduced to Upendo Foundation. Bernard, the eldest son and head of the family is now a university graduate working as a hospital nutritionist but was then in  primary school. Bernard was in the difficult and hopeless situation of trying to balance between going to school, putting food on the table and babysitting the youngest sibling Moses. Following a visit by a team from Amani UK, the Upendo Foundation was able to support the family with farm inputs, monthly stipends, school fees and extras with the Beula group giving them moral and spiritual support. Each one of them was given a custodian who was a member of the Upendo Foundation staff and who further walked with them looking to their personal needs, giving them counselling, mentorship and guidance.

Today we are proud of them and very grateful to God Almighty and Amani UK for the continued support. Bernard, Benter, Kevin and Dominic have all graduated and are either working or “hustling” in different areas of work and are able to help their younger brother Moses who joined college this year 2023.

Priscilla—Hope for the Future Field Staff