What We Do


We encourage and support groups to establish and work on their farms to produce food for their own consumption and for sale. We train farmers on good agronomic practices and supply them with farm inputs and follow up on their farms to ensure they follow and practice the recommended techniques to achieve good food production


This is treated as a special programme which is supported by individual sponsors from UK and the contribution from the group members. Many of the families are vulnerable widows and orphan headed households who live in poor and dilapidated houses hence the need to build new houses for them. Through well wishers, we are able to do houses for such families in order for them to live in better housing conditions.


We facilitate a process of linking the Kenyan schools with the UK schools for exchange of ideas and culture through writing. This has culminated into development of Kenyan school facilities and equipment through financial support from the UK schools. We explore for more links with the UK schools and even other nations. Our partner charity Amani UK supports the Keep a girl in school which supplies sanitary towels to girls in Kenyan schools. Individual UK sponsors support orphan’s education and upkeep. It’s our desire to see many more children attend to school by giving support and developing the infrastructure in the schools.


We work with community groups who many a times find it difficult to meet their health needs. We train community health volunteers who work closely with the government and private health facilities to attend to the sick in the communities we work with by making referrals to the nearest health facilities. Our qualified field staff train the groups and households on good nutrition in order to have a balanced diet for prevention of diseases. We have a clinic, Ted Rayner at our affiliate project Kirongo which has qualified nurse and lab technician who attend to patients from within that community and make referrals to various health facilities as need be.


In the groups, we train the members on small and large scale businesses and introduce them to savings and loan scheme activities and financial institutions to enhance their level of saving and loaning in order to help them start and expand their businesses. We train them as well on agribusiness so they see farming as a business. We offer loans through the Business community loan fund which is funded by a partner charity organization Trade Relief. This helps the business expand and create employment to the community members and the youth which enhances the social impact in the community.


We work with the groups and community members to help conserve and manage the environment through tree planting and forest conservation. We train groups on tree nursery establishment and provide them with certified tree seeds, tubes and equipment. We supply tree seedlings to households, groups and schools to establish woodlots and fruit trees for production of timber, firewood and fruits for sale which they reinvest into other viable income generating projects. By doing this, we conserve the environment and increase the rain catchment and reduce the occurrence of soil erosion as well.

Ted Rayner Clinic

The clinic was founded by Jan Rayner in Memory of her late husband Ted Rayner. It’s situated at the Kirongo compound which is an affiliate CBO to the Upendo Foundation. It was registered by the Medical Authority in 2013 and regularly supervised by a clinical officer. It serves the community around Kirongo which have been for a long time not able to access healthcare services to take care of their needs. It provides primary healthcare services in an area which has a fairly high risk of HIV/AIDS infection, malaria and other opportunistic infections. The clinic has a qualified team consisting of a nurse and an aid, laboratory technician and a dozen Community Health Volunteers. We offer medication, family planning and related reproductive health services, chronic disease management, hygiene education, HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services, referrals, mobile clinics and medical camps in partnership with the Government hospitals and other collaborators in the sector of health. We also offer opportunities for local and international medical electives. For more information visit www.tedsclinic.com