Upendo Foundation runs a programme of linking Kenyan schools with UK schools. Currently we have 17 schools linked to UK schools. This programme emphasizes mutual understanding through letter writing and the exchange of pictures and articles. Both the UK and Kenyan schools identify topics for discussion and they do it as a common project with their link school. This exposes the children from both countries to learn more about their different cultures and education systems hence keeping abreast with information from their link schools and enhancing the global citizenship culture among the schools.

As a consequence of links where both the Kenyan and UK schools are fully engaged, many of the Kenyan schools have benefitted through support from their UK link schools. They have had their facilities and equipment developed. Some of these include construction of toilets, classrooms renovations, stationery, lab equipment ,computers and printers, uniforms etc.

All the Kenyan link schools meet at least two times per year to share their experiences and any challenges they encounter in communicating with their link schools.

Leonard Odongo– Upendo Programme Manager.