Arboriculture plays a critical role in the care of our environment and the sustainability of both nature and local populations. The planting of trees also makes our environment even more beautiful. Tree nurseries are essential in providing the next generations of trees so that we can fulfil our responsibilities to care for the areas where we live. Tree nurseries are part of how we can alleviate the effects of drought and they also create job opportunities.

Supported by tree nursery inputs and training, the Wath Onger, Aimo and Kasimba Junction groups have accepted the call to ensure that both our indigenous and exotic trees are nurtured from one generation to the next.

The Kolanda Women, Chung ia Malo and Kirongo tree nursery projects have not only succeeded in supplying seedlings to the community but they have also empowered the group members themselves to plant as many trees as they can. To mention only just a few, the Kolanda tree nursery site has over 300 new tree seedlings planted and the Kirongo site has also planted 314 new seedlings including fruit trees.


By: Wicliffe Ouma – Kirongo Field Officer