Bee keeping is a universal enterprise with no boundary to sex, age and season. A lot of energy, time and space is not a requirement here, hence very lucrative to even the sick, the old and those living with disabilities. Abandoned or marginalized land like rocky places and old quarry sites can be rehabilitated and made productive as they can form nice apiaries for bee keeping.

Scarcity of land has limited human ability to produce on pure stands hence it is only wise to multi task the limited space available. Bee keeping activity is very vital here as it can be carried out a long side numerous farming activities and as a matter of fact, bee keeping implement several farming activities.

A total of eight groups participating on bee keeping activities, have greatly benefited not only from the bee keeping equipment support extended to them, but also from the numerous trainings and visitations from our able field staffs.

The good news is that: Chung Ia malo women group who harvested only two hives this month, managed 14 liters of honey which they recently sold in the market. They also became the first group to enjoy the services of our newly acquired centrifuge machine. Thanks to Amani UK.

Cham Luchi, Ndori and Moral women group are also doing well with total of 22 bee hives already colonized. Konyuka B, Wath Onger and Riwruok Eteko, with a total of 17 bee hives already colonized, is a proof that bee farming is the way to go.

Riwruok Eteko already has 2 hives ready for harvesting and this is going to make them the second group to enjoy the service of the centrifuge machine.


By: Wicliffe Ouma – Kirongo Field Officer